Covid-19 Situation we have to stop services!!

Covid-19 we’ve to stop services !!

Begin of the Covid-19 spread-out to every corners of the world. And all economy stuck also tourism industry in Thailand. Oxygen Koh Tao Company Ltd., have to stop services for couple months during March till May 2020 for LOCK DOWN SITUTION belong with government announced

And Koh Tao community concerns for protected the local people and some Expat who live in Thailand for their great wellness and healthy. And yes Koh Tao is Zero of C0vid-19 patients on the island. After been lockdown Koh Tao comeback for re-open the island again for relive stress as all of Thais and expats have been stay home for long as they can traveling around Thailand and come to relax on Koh Tao for their holiday.

Of ‘course, we have prepare and service for snorkeling tour around the island and made all of our customers happy. Also we’re very apologize for your inconvenience that we’ve must stop service for Afternoon snorkeling trip and Early bird tour for a while. But we still offer you for Morning snorkeling tour that all of you still can enjoyable with great environment of the underwater by our services.

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On behalf of Oxygen Tours and all of staffs member would like to thank you for your kind support and when the situation is seem to better we will come back for service for Afternoon and Early bird tour again in future

Oxygen Teams

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