Nangyuan Island fee charge (2020)

Wish all of you stay healthy and good care!! Nangyuan island is the tree island connected with sandy bar and most of Top 10 island in the world that should visit once of your life time.

Nangyuan island is the first place for snorkeling spots on our schedule programs One day trip around the island and we offer our customers stay on the island for 2 hours as you can snorkeling or take the photos on the Nangyuan’s Viewpoint most stunning view of the top

Due the COVID-19 Koh Tao and Nangyuan island is Lockdown for couple of months for healthy and safety concerns. Was on 23 June 2020, start the new Season after COVID-19 seem to be safe and open for domestic tourist and Thai tourist for visiting Koh Tao and Koh Nangyuan as sound great time to be enjoy the time on the beaches on the Koh Tao and under water

And for make your comfortable and convenience during joint with our One Day Snorkeling Tour around the island. Informed your that NANGYUAN ISLAND CHANGE THE PRICE FROM 100 THB TO 200 THB for foreigners on Non Thai Citizen their is the rule of Nangyuan kind to explain and Thai Nationality is 30 THB. If you have any question please ask Nangyuan island by call 081 958 1766

Other chance if you were there / don’t want to visit this island, you can stay on board till other customers return back to the pier, by our concerns really apologize for your inconvenience.

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