First “Early bird tours service”

welcome to Koh Tao and welcome to Thailand. “Koh Tao” also the most destination for the travelers must visit for snorkeling or diving as should not missed out!!

As you already know that, Koh Tao is the largest of diving factory on this island and service over year never close the island. And for who non diving also can do “Snorkeling” as well as more easy and reasonable for your costs.

If you are one of the person who love to try new thing with snorkeling service on the island Koh Tao with Oxygen Tours as knowledge by travelers and recommendation on Tripadvisor with 3 years running for “Excellence Service 2017-2019”

By our experience for snorkeling services for 10 years with the boat around island. We know how to manage and organize for made your trip complete!! And if you are looking for snorkeling tours with uncrowded of tourist be away from general tours Morning and Afternoon trip, here is other solution and incredible chaince for you.

On 2nd of Febuary 2020, will the first day for service “Early Bird Snorkeling Trip” service on that day! Finally visit 4  places and make it comfort by spending snorkeling in the water with less boat tours on that early time.

Tour start from 8 am. and finish around 12 noon, very suitable for who love snorkeling in the early time and need to leave in the afternoon, means: would like to traveling to other destination such as Samui , Phangan , Bangkok or Chumphon with afternoon ferries

sunday early bird tour

If you are interesting please visit this page for more information of our tour programs: And be the one who love to chillack and comfort while snorkeling in the water with uncrowded people

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